Mission, vision and values

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Our objective is to support our customer every step of the way, providing them with everything they need when they need it and always being ready to offer the best solutions.

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Offer an exclusive service to our customers via our specialised divisions—Energy, Engineering and Wellness & Spa—creating value and standing out through the quality of our solutions.

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  • - Earning the trust of our customers through the quality of our service.
  • - Maintaining our role as a leader in the Energy, Engineering and Wellness & Spa sectors.
  • - Maximising the benefits for our customers with optimised and efficient systems.
  • - Providing a good workplace.
  • - Developing a professional network to create long-lasting added value.
  • - Being a dynamic, effective and efficient company.

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Guaranteeing the best product at the best price, delivered in the agreed time in perfect working order. Providing an immediate response.


Efficient design and sustainable proposals in terms of water and energy consumption. Applying renewable energies in new projects.


Ensuring our customers have confidence in us.


Following our policies, being conscientious and consistent in what we do and how we do it.


Providing our customers with immediate information to keep them up to date on the status of projects, products and deliveries.

For all of our projects, our goal is to offer our customers an end result that exceeds their initial expectations, an achievement that would be attested to by our various international customers, including Marriot, Hyatt, Palace Resort, Grupo Posadas, Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe, Grupo Alhel, Grupo Thor Urbana, Grupo Vidanta, and many others.

The objective of our RDI department is to continue developing the highest quality new products, offering our customers the latest developments for the wellness and energy saving sectors before they are released on the general market and discovered by our competitors.