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About us

Ever since it was founded, ITECON GROUP has been focused on developing an international presence in the sectors of engineering and technological development. It has been a driving force in the evolution of these sectors in recent years with major technological developments in renewable energy, designed to combat and bring an end to climate change on our planet.

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As a result of our commitment to internationalisation, we have signed collaboration agreements with a number of major multinational companies, including Grupo Porcelanosa, who we worked with on the design and full installation of high-end spas and wellness centres throughout the world. Our WELLNESS AND SPA division is today an industry leader on the American continent and throughout Europe.

As part of our commitment to technological development and the environment, we created our R&D department. This is a clear demonstration of our focus on the innovation and development of new renewable technologies for generating energy. As a result of this work, in just a few years we have already made a number of major advances in this field, such as the DCL Geoenergy® geothermal energy system. This low-enthalpy closed-loop system is one of the most significant advancements in decades and has attracted interest from companies throughout Europe and America.

All of these factors have helped ITECON GROUP to develop into a multidisciplinary company with subsidiaries throughout the American continent. However, they have never abandoned their main commitment to treat each customer as unique. Every single project developed in any of their divisions is adapted according to the specific needs of each customer, which helps ITECON to easily stand out from the competition.

As a multidisciplinary company, ITECON GROUP contains three primary divisions, each specialised in a different sector: ENERGY, ENGINEERING and thermal installations, and WELLNESS. All of these divisions also work in perfect harmony with each other to achieve maximum efficiency.