Wellness and Spa centers, design, research and project with the most experience and dedication.


The Spa at the Resort: A SPA Resort has an essential part of their added value, not being conceived without each other.

The Spa at the Hotel: A space that perfectly complements the hotel, giving the perfect choice for relaxation and comfort one expects.

Urban Spa: The reference center today in cities within health and relax, is definitely the Spa center, suitably complemented with gym, bar-cafe next to the playroom.

The private SPA: For private use, so do not install equipment which is then not used or involving energy will cost too much.

Thermal Center: The thermal center medical sector par excellence.


Hotel Industry: The decision to incorporate this service into our hotel center is important as the need to differentiate themselves from the rest of the environment is also to become more competitive and score of our clients.

Investor: In the nearest future holds for us a strong trend toward the Wellness and Spa centers, well integrated into sports leisure centers, or at health and beauty centers.

The Architect: Today, the development of these centers requires a high specialization, because many determinants for the development of a good product, when advising the professional design, so go together shaping the product of success we want to offer.

Energy Services

Energy Certification: Energy certification qualify a building energy calculating the annual energy consumption, describing the efficiency in consumption.

Energy Audit: Through energy audit we obtain reliable knowledge of energy consumption and its associated costs, and proposals for optimization of energy consumption and feasible proposals to improve systems and energy production center facilities.

Carbon Footprint: Certified that emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are measured.

Project Management & Consulting: Integrated projects, establishing different work plans for each objective, study, for development, management etc.

Answer Capacity

Comprehensive and immediate in any area of the Wellness and Spa.


Always be on the side of our client.

Energy Profit

In all our projects offer energy savings.


In economic and financial analysis, plant engineering, architecture ...

Energy efficiency study and application

Efficient facilities.


Improved energy consumption and hiring ..


Implementing renewable energy sources, solar, wind, geothermal and biomass.


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