Itecon Wellness & Spa Design was born in order to offer our partner Porcelanosa Group and all our customers the best product in the industry, and be assured of always being in the forefront.

Wellness & Spa Design

A guarantee of success, we have shown over the years, in the initial feasibility and economic analysis in the design phase, when the works have been performed and when the time to inform the customer something unique comes.

Specialization: currently Itecon Wellness & Spa Design, has numerous works in all the national and international territory in the area of Spa, Wellness, thermal baths and spas, as well as other phase study outside our borders, with the confidence of Porcelanosa Group to meet their finest clients.

Internationalization: Our particular point of view of methodical and skilled labor, we have been taking care projects outside our borders, at this time ITECON has offices in Mexico, Colombia and Panama, a process that is carried out according to the evolution of markets and betting unequivocally demand for modernity of an incipient hotel industry in some parts of the world.

Differentiation: Our philosophy is to offer a distinctive, unique and innovative product at a very competitive cost something our customers value in a world where everything is copied or resemble something already created, this is the base to attract customers seeking new experiences.

We have the best expert in each of the areas as economic and financial analysis, plant engineering, architecture, and interior design, management and operation team.

Our goals:

Our goal will always be on the side of our client, to offer everything you need in every moment, and be prepared to offer the best solution.

Answer's capacity

Comprehensive and immediate in any area of the Wellness and Spa.


Always be on the side of our customers, offering what it needs.

Energy use

In all our projects offer energy savings.


In economic and financial analysis, plant engineering, architecture ...

Sustainable centers

El Wellness and Spa center, like any activity today must be framed within an absolute policy of energy saving and respect for the environment.

In all our projects we used several techniques simultaneously energy use, resulting in significant savings, without making an additional down payment. This intersection of energy technology is only available from the best, and one that in all installations has already implemented these techniques so well that give the operating balance.

At this time, Itecon, as a specialist in the development of environmental technology, is collaborating with public administrations, in order to increase the usability of new energy systems that help reduce energy consumption and therefore more profitable to make these types of centers.


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