The carbon footprint is certified that emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are measured


The carbon footprint is certified that emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) that are made in the production of goods, from raw material extraction to waste treatment are measured, through the manufacturing and transport therefore CO2 footprint is the measure of the impact caused the activities of human beings on the environment and is determined by the amount of greenhouse gases produced, measured in units of carbon dioxide.

With the CO2 footprint is intended that companies can reduce pollution levels using a standardized calculation of emissions that occur during the production process. Many companies are interested in their products bear the label certifying the CO2 values of their products as well as consumers can choose the healthiest and less polluting products. Which bring added value to your product, and you will be more globally competitive.

Intecon energy services offers the possibility of conducting the study that will allow certify its carbon footprint associated.

Always performed by integrated European Climate Change professional programs.

The project is to calculate your balances greenhouse gas (GHG) Emissions, in terms of quantity of CO2-equivalent (Carbon Footprint), and define an evaluation framework and objective recognition by an independent and accredited body.





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